Game Night Fun

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Game Night Fun

I was in a good mood as my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Kayla and I were shopping at the mall one day. School was starting back on Monday and Kayla and I were gonna be on the cheerleading squad this year. " I cant wait to start cheering!", Kayla exclaimed as we were trying on outfits. " I cant wait to be around the football players!", I replied. " Britney, you are a true slut!", Kayla exclaimed, joking. I just gave her a knowing smile. No, I actually am not a slut, I just love boys. I love how I can make them sweat and drool all over me. I am about 53, with long /blonde/">blonde hair flowing down my back, big green eyes, and a 38D chest. I m "thick", as some guys would say. Yeah, I am, but in all the right places. I have /tits/big-tits/">big tits, a round ass, and big hips...but Im small in the waist. Besides my sexy body, I have an innocence about me. Or at least thats what they think. I really play it up for the boys sometimes. I am no virgin and I /love/love-sex/">love sex! And these boys will give me anything I want in bed. I even got a boy to eat my ass one time. I didnt really like it, but I just wanted to see if he would do it. Yes..I love all these boys...but it seems like I always go for the same type and I needed a change.

" Kayla, dont you ever get tired of the same kind of guys?", I asked her, as we were strolling through the mall. " What do you mean?", she asked me. " Well it seems like all we do is mess with jocks", I said, " I wanna try something new for a change". When I said that, I noticed two guys sitting down in the food court. Now I dont know what you would call their look. Punk? Goth? Whatever it was, they looked pretty weird. They were both wearing black from head to toe. One had a mohawk and one had long black hair that was tied back into a ponytail. I looked at Kayla and grinned as I pointed them out to her. When she saw them she exclaimed, " Oh my God, Britney you cannot be serious!" As we got closer to them, I noticed that he guy with the ponytail was actually pretty hot. He had a lean figure and chiseled features. " Watch this", I whispered to Kayla. She just looked at me like I had lost my mind. 

As I strolled towards their table, I " accidently" bumped into the /guy/hot-guy/">hot guy. " Hey, watch it!", he growled at me. " Im so sorry", I said sweetly. He was looking at me with a gimace, but I could see his eyes traveling over my body. He was trying to be discreet about it. " Im Britney", I said, as I extended my hand towards him. " Is this a joke?", he asked, as his friend snickered. " W-well, no", I stammered out. I wasnt used to a guy actually being this rude to me. He just smirked and turned away from me. Now I was a little pissed. How dare he treat ME like this! " You know what?", I asked him. " What?", he asked. " You are pretty fucking rude, you know that?", I told him, " I was just trying to be nice and you are being a complete /asshole/">asshole to me!" He looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. He cleared his throat and said " Well, Im Jason and I apologize". " Thats better", I said. " Are you in school?", he asked me. " Yes, high school", I replied. " And I bet youre a cheerleader too, huh?", he asked with a smirk. I put my hand to my mouth and gasped. " Well how did you know!?", I asked, in mock /surprise/">surprise. " Ha, lucky guess", he replied. " Are you in school?", I asked him. " Nope, I dropped out in 11th grade", he said. " Why?", I asked him. " Well, I couldnt get a date with any of the cheerleaders, so I felt like there was no point in sticking around", he said with a laugh. " Hmmm...interesting", I said, " Our first game is Friday if you wanna come see me". " Not a chance sweetheart", he said. " Well see", I told him as I licked my lips. He gave me a little half smile and I spun around and left. Somehow, I knew he would be there.

Friday night, I was so pumped up. I loved cheering in front of everbody and our dance routines were awesome. I know I was looking so sexy in my little blue and white pleated skirt with my white tank top hugging my big tits. I was having guys trying to spit some game to me all night, but Jason was all I could think about. He seemed like a real challenge and he was a georgeous guy. Those crystal blue eyes and that long black hair mesmerized me. As I was on the field cheering during half-time, I happened to look over towards the fence. There was Jason and his friend, leaning on the fence watching me. I gave him a wave and a smile and he waved back. " That guy is here", Kayla whispered to me. " I know, I saw him", I said. " Are you gonna talk to him?", she asked. " After the game", I replied. 

When the game finally ended, I made my way over to the fence. " Hi guys", I said as I smiled at Jason, "What brings yall here?" " You asked me to come", Jason said. " Oh yeah, I did, didnt I", I said to him. " Where are you going now?", he asked me. " Im not sure", I said. " You can come with me if you want", Jason told me. " To where?", I asked. " My house", he replied as he glanced down at my tits. " Okay, let me go let my friend know", I said. When I told Kayla my plans, she protested. " Britney, you barely know this guy!", she yelled. " Oh Kayla, he seems harmless", I said. " Well, be careful and call me as soon as you get home", she said with concern. " I will girl, I promise", I told her. I jogged back over to Jason and his friend. " Lets go", I told him as I brushed my hand against his. We got into his truck and headed towards his house.

When alain lyle porn we got to his house, Jason and his friend went inside and sat on the couch. I stood there in front of them, not really sure of what to do next. " You can sit down if you want to", Jason said to me as he turned on the tv. Even though he had invited me over there, he still had that shitty little attitude he had at the mall. " Do you ever smile?", I asked as I sat down beside him. " Nah, Jasons the biggest asshole youll ever meet.", his friend told me as he scooted a little closer to me. Eww...I really didnt want his friend trying to mess with me. I was beginning to wonder if Jason had lured me here for his friend. I scooted closer to Jason as he looked at his friend and said " Back off man". His friend just rolled his eyes and turned his attention back towards the tv. I glanced over at Jason as he reached over and turned off the light. I knew something was fixing to get started now. The ache that was starting to form between my legs only got worse as he leaned over and started rubbing my face with his thumb. " Im not really an asshole, Im just nervous", he whispered. " Why?", I asked. " Because Ive never in my life had a girl like you this close to me", he said as his lips got closer to mine. " Please kiss me!", I silently begged. As if on cue, he gently pressed his /sweet/">sweet lips against mine. As he caressed my tounge with his, he put his hand on the inside of my thigh and started rubbing my soft flesh. My pussy was throbbing and my bloomers were soaked. I had to do something so I placed his hand between my legs. His kiss got deeper as he rubbed my pussy through my bloomers causing me to moan against his lips. His fingers tugged my bloomers aside and he started working on my bare pussy. First one finger slid in, then another. He started licking and nibbling on my neck while he finger fucked me.

I was pumping my hips against his hand when I heard a zipper coming down. I looked over and saw Jasons friend rubbing on his cock. I had actually forgot that he was there. " Lets go to my room", Jason told me as he glared at his friend. " No man, please fuck her right here, right in front of me", he begged as he gripped his cock. Jason looked at me to see what I thought about it. Hell, his friend wanting me so /bad/">bad was a turn-on for me. I looked at his friend and said " Okay, you can watch us....but please tell me your name first", I said. " Its Corey", he said. " Ok Corey, what should your buddy do to me first?", I asked as I rubbed Jasons fingers against my clit. " I want to see him lick that pretty pussy of yours", he panted. " Mmmmm........Id love to feel his tounge on me", I said. With that, Jason got up and kneeled between my legs. He pulled me down so my ass was on the edge of the couch. He slid my bloomers down my legs and parted my lips with his fingers. He looked up at me as his lips came down on my swollen clit. He planted wet kisses up and down my slit as I begged for him to use his tounge. All of the sudden i felt his tounge gliding up and down my lips. I spread my legs wider as he moved to my hole. He was darting his tounge in and out of me when Corey said, " Let me suck on your tits please Britney!". I looked down at Jason and he nodded. As I removed my tank top and unhooked my bra, I felt Jasons tounge flicking against my clit. " Oh, Fuck!!!", I screamed as I guided Coreys head towards my hardened nipple. Coreys tounge was circling around my nipple as Jasons tounge was working my clit a mile a minute. 

I felt an orgasm creeping up on me. Corey was suckling my tits in his mouth with fervor as he vigorously pumped his cock. I looked down between my legs in a daze and saw Jasons head thrashing from side to side. Half of his hair had come loose from his ponytail and was hanging in his eyes. " Jason, Im about to cum!", I cried out as I grabbed the back of his head. All of the sudden, my body started trembling and pleasure swept over me. As my orgasm hit, I spread my legs wider and buried Jasons face deeper into my pussy. I was moaning so loud , I was practically screaming. When it was over, Jason kissed his way up my body until he reached my tits. I watched as he circled his tounge around one nipple while he tweaked the other one with his hand. " You still havent came yet?", I asked Corey has I looked over at his swollen cock. " No, Im trying to hold off", he replied. " Oh", I said with a smile, " Jason, lay down". I got up off of the couch and let Jason sprawl out before me. I removed my skirt and fell to my knees. I hurriedly unzipped Jasons jeans and took his cock out. It was so thick and long. I knew how good it was gonna feel in /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy. But first, I was gonna taste it. I licked off the precum that was on the head of his cock before I swirled my tounge all up and down the shaft. I heard him moan softly as I put his whole length in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down as my hand gently cupped his balls. " Oh Shit!", Corey yelled. I glanced over at him and saw his cum flying all over his hands and stomach. I guess he couldnt hold off. I felt Jasons hands on the side of my face. With that, I sucked and licked him really fast. I was anxious to get that dick inside of me. I felt his body jerk as his /cum/hot-cum/hot-cum-shot/">hot cum shot to the back of my throat. I swallowed all of it and licked the cum that was dripping down the side of him. 

I got up from my knees and pulled Jasons pants all the way off. He then proceeded to take his shirt off. I was surprised when he put his mouth to my pussy and started licking my clit again. My knees were shaking as I pulled his face away. " Whats wrong?", he asked. " Nothing, I just want your dick inside of me so bad", I moaned. He layed back against the couch and I straddled his hips. I could feel his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock pushing against my opening as I leaned up and slid down on top of it. His girth was tremendous and I flinched as I tried to accomadate him. He put his hands on my hips and gently moved me up and down on his cock. I grabbed his shoulders as I moved my body up and down on him as his hands grabbed my round ass. " Thats it baby, fuck me like that", he said breathlessly. With his hands still gripping my ass, he flung my body around so I was sitting on the couch. He shoved his cock in and out of me as his tounge entered my mouth. " Grab her leg Corey", he told his friend. Corey grabbed my leg and held it against him as Jason grabbed the other one and spread it wide against the couch. I felt like I was gonna split open right there but his cock was feeling so good moving in and out of me that I didnt care. " Oh God!!!", I started sceaming as he rotated his hips back and forth. I could feel his body rubbing on my clit with every motion. He bent down to suck on my nipple as I felt another orgasm ripple through me. " Uhhhhh.......JASON!!", I screamed as my nails ripped down his back. With that, his movements got faster and his thrusts got harder. I felt his cock stiffen inside of me before he shot his cum inside the walls of my pussy. He looked up at me with his sweat soaked face and tenderly kissed me on the lips. " That was /best/pussy-best/the-best-pussy/">the best pussy I have ever had", he said with a laugh. " Yeah, well you fuck alot better than all those football players", I said as I kissed the indian santali xvideo side of his face. 

Jason and I continued to sleep together whenever we had the chance. Kayla thought I had totally lost it until I explained to her how wonderful his sex was. One night after a game, I invited her to his house with me and let her see for herself how good that dick was. While Jason was licking and /friend/best-friend/fucking-my-best-friend/">fucking my best friend, I let Corey have a little fun with me. But thats a whole nother story............until next time!!!!