Dans le Murs Part 5

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Dans le Murs Part 5

Dans le Murs ” Part V

Synopsis: Colin has been headhunted by the highly secretive society called Balthazar. He has been through an initiation ceremony, which he thought was highly illegal, but was, through a subterfuge, nothing more than /public/public-sex/">public sex. The link between the JOKER film unit and Balthazar is established with Colin being cornered by Madame Lestrade in an attempt to assist her. Now read on.

Part 5 ” Simone

Authors note: As this is written in the UK any reference to the ”Age of Consent” is to the age in the UK, which currently stands at 18 years. Whilst consensual sexual relations between a 16-year-old girl and a 45-year-old man might raise eyebrows, it does not contravene English law. Don't get it confused with the ”Age of Majority”, which remains at 18, as does the age for consensual Gay relationships. I have full hd xvideo download also tried to apply the national age for consensual sex in the country of origin where the person is not English. It's called ”bending the rules”. All names and organisations are fictional but some of the geographical places exist.

Therese had received information regarding a possible outlet in the UK and asked me to progress it. After getting all the information, I gathered myself together and drove home. The next day I drove early to Calais and took the SeaCat to Dover and was in London by eleven. After checking into a reasonable hotel in Wimbledon ” the manager was a cult brother - I had to get to an address in the Kensal Green area. I soon found myself in a rather grubby, run-down area. My destination was a large, Victorian mansion, Flat 17 to be precise, and a Mr Wallace Lalley. I rang the bell and a large man in his 50's of West Indian origin opened the door. I introduced myself.
"Welcome, Welcome." he dragged me inside, "Come in man, don't stand there on the doorstep."
The apartment was quite spacious and the luxury belied the external appearance. A movement caught my eye and I homed in on it.
"Oh, don't bother yourself about that." he chuckled deeply, "That's just Simone. She is a lazy bitch and is only just getting out of bed. Come here Simone and say hello to the gentleman." I assumed he was referring to his wife but I was mistaken.

The door opened fully and a girl draped in a robe glided through the door. Although she was still woozy from sleep I could see that she was both young and extremely comely. I smiled as I looked her up and down approvingly and she primped herself accordingly.
"Stop tarting to the man, Simone," Wallace said sharply, "and go and get two thirsty men a cup of coffee." She drifted away and I could hear the running of water and the chink of cups.
"She's a /good/good-girl/">good girl really," he grinned a mouthful of white teeth, "but she is so lazy."
"Your /daughter/">daughter?" I fished for information about the relationship.
"I must have been very bad sometime in de past." he looked hangdog at me, "No no, that's the daughter of me half-brother and me millstone. She's idle, spends me money but still reminds me of me woman who passed away five years ago, God rest her soul. We could never have kids so when Bennie and his wife was killed I willingly accepted responsibility for Simone. Still, she's got a heart of gold and looks after her uncle's needs. She's only sixteen but you wouldn't believe it to look at her would you? She's very streetwise and will make some man a good wife someday. She's got the right idea about pleasing men." He winked craftily to me. After a moments silence he burst in.
"Oh, don't misunderstand me." he spread his arms, "She's still a virgin, I don't screw me own if that's what you were thinking. Not that she wouldn't let me if the old man asked her. No, she just does a bit of relief massage for her old uncle from time to time. When the old man is feeling a bit tensed up she uses her fingers to relieve the pressure a bit.”
The door swung open and Simone swept in carrying a tray with three mugs, placed it in front of us, took a mug and perched on the arm of a plush leather chair. She obviously considered herself part of the business.

"This is mans business." Wallace addressed her, "Go wash your hair or something."
"No way," she retorted, "I wanna be in on this deal. I know it's got something to do with your dirty films. Uncle Wallace likes that sort of thing you know. Well, he's not really my uncle but I call him uncle. He shows them to me, you know, then he asks me to relieve him. Shall I tell you what he likes me to do, shall I?"
"Quiet, Simone!" shouted Wallace, looking not a little disturbed.
"I won't be quiet!" she said, becoming very animated, "I wanna be part of your business, not just someone to touch you when you feel randy. That's what he makes me do, you know. He says he's all tensed up and needs something to relax him. Then he pulls out his thing and puts it into my hand. He then makes me rub it until his cream shoots out. Sometimes I do it in bed, sometimes in the bath and other times just sitting in the chair but always he squirts it out, all over my hand. Now he wants me to kiss it when it's hard, soon he'll want me to put it into my mouth and suck it and..." She stopped to draw breath; I stepped sharply in.

"O.K. Simone, enough!" I put on a firm and assertive tone, "I don't care too much about your personal life unless it gets in the way of my business. If Wallace wants you to masturbate him and you're willing to do it, that's your affair. If you want to stop then stop; again that's up to you, but don't fuck around with little squabbles while I'm here to do my job! Is that quite clear, both of you?"
They both looked surprised and then nodded.
"Right, little spat over is it?" I said, exasperatedly, "Wallace, it might be sensible to bring her on board. Have you any objections to Simone being involved? Is there something she could do? Simone, do you really want to be part of this?"
Wallace responded first. "I suppose so long as she's discrete," he said, "she could act as a sort of secretary. She is clever with numbers and she can type."
"Of course I can be discrete." she started, "Christ, look what I've been doing to you these two years and nobody else knows. If they did, then you'd have been inside and I'd have been in a home faster than anything. Oh uncle, I'd never let you down."

He smiled and ruffled her soft, curly hair. "Sit down," he said gently to her, "and take notes for Colin if you are going to be my secretary."
I invited Wallace to describe his business outlet while Simone gave me furtive glances. She really turned me on but I was not sure how Wallace would react if I were to try and seduce her.
"My public business is conferences," he began, "which puts me in contact with organisations large and small that sometimes hint that they would like a little ”unorthodox” entertainment. Normally I arrange a few ”dancers” or the odd video but the quality is so poor and the content so repetitious that I feel that I am providing a second-class service.”
”I”ve peeped at some of the films.” Simone chimed in as Wallace looked on, his mouth open, ”They are jumpy; they flicker and it's always the same people doing the same thing. Boring.”
I smiled and shook my head. "What words of experience and wisdom from such a young head."
"Sorry," she bit her lip, "I didn't mean to sound old and critical but I've seen quite a few of these films now and, to be honest, they really are dreadfully boring. It is almost always 'suck and fuck”. And then what gets me as a girl is the way the men seem to play up to the camera just before they shoot. Uncle just tenses a bit and then lets it go. There's no theatricals about it, it's only a teaspoonful of liquid for Christ's sake and it's not as if they have anything different to offer. They seem to think that no other man can produce what they're doing."
Wallace looked at me then burst out laughing. ”I guess she's part of the firm and I didn't even know it.”

"I take your point though Simone." I said to her seriously, "We agree with you and it is our intention to shatter the mould and introduce new styles. I can't rule out 'suck and fuck” as you so quaintly put it, after all that is basic sex, but we intend to introduce new ideas and scenarios and use people that are not time worn so that the acts are more spontaneous."
She nodded as her uncle continued the theme. "If you can supply better quality films then that would be great, if you say that the content would be more variable and interesting then we are surely onto a winner."
"What about stills from the videos?" asked Simone, "I'm sure I can sell them at college? I know free porn movies download of lots of boys who go into the loo with a copy of Playboy and toss off, I'm sure they would enjoy a /good/good-porno/">good porno picture instead."
”Hells bells Simone!” I cried, ”Such vulgar phrases!”
She looked down and pouted. ”Sorry.” she mumbled, ”But you know what I mean. Boys go into the toilet to ”do it” and maybe they would like something to help. I don't know, I'm not a boy.”
"I don't think so Simone." I began slowly, "You could be sending the wrong signals and running a risk. I wouldn't want to put you in any danger."
"Well, thank you kind sir," she curtseyed, "I didn't know you cared."
"Simone, you are very pretty," I said sternly, "and any red blooded man would fancy you. I simply don't want the boys to get the idea that you are an easy lay because you're peddling hardcore and you end up getting r-aped."
"No-one interferes with my little girl," Wallace looped his arm protectively around his ward, "unless they want their wedding tackle removed. I know she's legally old enough so if she wants to and I approve, then it's o.k. But until then, she's off limits, you understand."

I understood very clearly. I offered to run a couple of Joker samplers on the portable DVD player that I had brought over, including a short scene from 'Awakening'. After we had finished Simone said, "That was much better. The quality was good and the action was sharper, as if they were not doing it for a living."
"Agreed," said Wallace, turning to me with a sly grin, "I don't know about you but it's left me with a bit of a hard on."
"Oh uncle." sighed Simone, "You are a dirty old man and in front of guests too."
"Can't help it, Simone," he said, "I'm only flesh and blood and my blood is pumping at the moment."
"I don't think that's quite how I would describe it"
"No sirree," he laughed, "Me manhood is in charge right now and could benefit from a little TLC."
"What, in front of our guest?" she asked.
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little light relief as well." he grinned, "Would you son?"
"I'm easy." I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Well then," he said, "show Simone here what you're made of."
I got the message and, after the past weeks, was not quite so embarrassed about revealing myself to others, even when I was fully erect. Slipping off my jacket I pulled the zip down and, after a little bit of rearrangement, heaved my penis out of the gap in front of the girl. "Wowie, will you look at that!" she shrieked, "There's a white mans meat that's the equal of yours."
"Gee whiz," commented Wallace, "I believe that I've got a rival. There, measure up against that." He pulled out what looked like to me a massive piece of gristle. With gusto Simone used her fingers to get the measure of our weapons.

"He's as long as you are uncle," she told him, "but you're fatter. I'll take one in each hand and see who pops first. Sit down and let me."
I sat down in an armchair beside him, while his lovely ward knelt between us. With her right hand she took my penis while she held Wallace's in her left then began to masturbate us. I soon realised she was virtually ambidextrous because I could see his foreskin sliding as firmly and as fast as mine. He began to wriggle and I could see his massive balls begin to pucker. Simone knew the signs and gently eased my pressure whilst keeping on with her left hand.
"Oh shit, here it comes!" he gasped, lifting his hips slightly as semen bubbled out of the tip over her hand.
"Ooh, it's popped." she squeaked, "Oooh uncle, I love it when you do that especially when a lovely lot comes. Now you." She accelerated the rate she was rubbing me. I was very close and prepared to fire off. I hoped to beat him for, although he had produced a thick, syrupy load, I didn't think he had shot that much at all. Her eyes were on the thick, glistening head as it repeatedly disappeared into her black fist. I felt myself going off. "I'm going to shoot, Simone." I warned the teenager, "Here it comes. Get a load of this!! Aaagh, oooh."