My Wife and I

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
My Wife and I

How can I say it?

When I write in the third person it is fiction, but when I write in the first person it is autobiographical, although it might be a little edited to make a good story, it is, in essence, xnxxv sunny leone video what I have lived and experienced. Not . It's True. For instance, take my story of my honeymoon in Paris: all true! It realy happened. My wife often refered to "Jaquie" the charming stud with the .
('My wife' means my second wife, a long legged German, academic lady, who loved intelligent, good looking men. We were married 18 years until her death, 13 years ago.) My first and third wives I do not write about.

When we first met, I had not 'had' many , in fact she was only number six. When I asked, she told me that she had had "Oh. A hundred men". I believed her. The funny thing was, that she should actually fall in love with number a hundred and one! ME!

When she offered to be faithful to me, I refused the offer (she could never have kept to it) and told her to carry on, just as she had been used to. That she should know that I would continue to love and respect her however many men she fucked. She had, not only my permission, but also my encouragement. She sometimes worried that my lack of jealousy meant that I didn't love her. What funny ideas women can have!

I was always a voyeur (and exhibitionist too9 and loved to be able to watch her with another man while I could sit beside them, wanking. My turn came after, when I could slide in on his spunk. How many times have I guided another cock into her cunt, sometimes following it in with a finger or two. Even, once, with my own cock. That was a sensation! My cock rubbing against another man's cock, both in my wife's cunt. He is still a friend!

The other thing that I told her when we first met was that I was bisexual and would continue to have men. She encouraged me to do so and often asked me what we did and how it was. That way, we could real forced anal against her will entertain each other, both with stories of our doings with men. She was always rather conservative in her tastes, fucking, blowing, not much else. I would try anything and every thing. Still do!

Well, that's it for now,folks. Hope you enjoyed it. I sure did!