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I'd split with my partner 3 years earlier and taken my son. We had a difficult legal battle over access to our son, selling our home and splitting the equity. After all the bills and fighting my ex moved to the states and I was left struggling with funding a new home.
I was renting a small apartment and bumped in to an old work acquaintance who'd been a near neighbor.

Piers and his wife Maureen were a lovely older couple around 60 I guessed. The old bungalow that bordered their house and another was up for sale. I'd always though that the little cottage bungalow would be a lovely home and so near my preferred school choice for my boy who was 4 at the time. I didn't realize that Piers owned the other house that bordered the bungalow.

Talking over coffee Piers made me offer. I bought the bungalow and we split divided a small section of the garden to provide driveway access to Piers other house and got a building bokep sma pecah perawan plot for quite a large house.

It was a good deal and Piers and Maureen got the new house built and I got a home where I wanted at a bargain price. With my busy job Maureen also kindly took care of Noel my son quite often. Lasts summer work eased off and my boss asked if I'd like to take August off as I was owed so much holiday.

Time off was great but with so many bills an actual real holiday was out of the question. I was moaning about it as I collected Noel from Maureen one evening.

"Why not come with us to France for August?" She said. "I'm sure Piers will be pleased to have you and Noel along, I'll ask him when he gets in". An hour or so later my phone rang as I came out of Noel's bedroom. "hi Kelly, If you and Noel can put up with us you welcome to a month in France with us". "thank's Piers, we'd love it, Noel loves you and Maureen it's so kind of you".

Piers and Maureen owned a French house overlooking a Charente region beach. They were real dark horses about their assets. We had a two day drive from England and got there late afternoon after getting supplies at a local superstore. Noel and I had our own kind of separate two bedroom suite lounge and kitchen with a long balcony overlooking the beach.

Noel and I explored the beach on the first day and Piers sorted out a /bicycle/">bicycle with one of those single wheel kids cycle attachments in th afternoon. We met Piers and Maureen cycling back from the local village. Maureen cooked dinner and Noel was fast asleep by 7pm.
We caught up with the UK TV news and a couple of programs and drank wine and chatted about where to go and what to see, Piers had the use of a friends yacht and we could also go sailing. It looked like it was going to be a great month, it was a really hot sticky evening as Piers gave me a large brandy. Maureen pulled of her shirt blouse "I'm going in the Jacuzzi why don't you bring you glass and join me"

"oh right, Ok I'll just check on Noel". She turned to Piers, "come on lazy bones we're not leaving you there with that Brandy bottle. "Where is the Jacuzzi" I asked, "through the side door in our bedroom" said Piers.

Noel was fast asleep, out to the world. Piers and Maureen were already in the tub with the water churning. I could see Maureen was topless but I was a little self conscious and kept my bikini top on and settled in one of the curved seats. Maureen explained my controls. "You really need to strip off to get the full benefit of this thing, slip your bikini off and put it in the catch net beside you, Piers won't peak" she gave a laugh and turned the knobs and a pulse of water squirted between my legs. It was quite enjoyable "see what I mean" she winked. I slipped out of my top and then my bikini bottom as Piers and Maureen argued over what to watch.

The lights dimmed as the Plasma screen unfolded from the balcony ceiling above us. A very erotic film was just starting "do you mind" asked Maureen "I've not seen it". " No no fine" I felt a bit like when I was a teenager and a sexy scene came on my parents television, but with a large brand and best part of a half bottle of win in me and the water massaging my arse, /tits/pussy-tits/pussy-and-tits/">pussy and tits I was quite relaxed and happy if they were. Maureen topped up with Brand after a while and I was well mellowed soaking up the alcohol the water massage and the sexy film. I tuned to see Maureen slipping over the side of the Jacuzzi, Piers had gone.

"It's Ok we'll be back" I carried on taking in the film as the lead actress writhed in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as her lovers head delved between her thighs and alone it tweaked the water jet and lifted arse back and forth as the jet massaged my /pussy/pussy-clit/pussy-and-clit/">pussy and clit and a fingered my cunt a little. I had to get one of these Jacuzzi hot tubs at home. It was fucking magic. I had to calm down and was losing track of the film. A few minutes later Maureen was clambering in to the water and Piers was in his position as she passed me the brandy bottle from him. I was already quite pissed, topped up my glass and watched the naked heroine riding her lover as I gulped down a swig of brandy.

"I get really horny watching sexy films" said Maureen as the titles ran, how about you. I was a little taken aback "I just had to drag him away for a good shagging" she whispered in my ear. It was really funny the way she said it. "I'm really tired out dear, I need to sleep now and Piers will be hard and gagging for it all night if you like to Fuck"

I was dumfounded "pardon", "if you want a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck sweetie help yourself" I nearly choked on my brandy, I was pissed, turned on and my ageing friend was offering me her ageing hubby, my best friends. WOW my mind was scrambled, was it the booze.

"I'm going to bed darling, come over here and look after Kelly", "Leave her alone, she's fine", "she need a GOOD FUCKING". I'd had a few dates but no sex for 17 months and Maureen new that. She grabbed Piers's hands and pulled and pulled him until reluctantly he stood up. His /erection/">erection was as hard like steel his cock pointing upwards, I groaned, it was fucking gi normous, /fat/">fat as my wrist and so long I wondered if it was some trick.

Piers pulled away from Maureen "I'm going to bed dear, it's 14 inched long and I've slipped him two bluee's, spread your pussy on it and have a great ride on me". She pushed me towards Piers who grabbed my hand as she took my glass. I was pissed horny and wanton as he turned me and guided me by my hips, two fingers spread my cunt as I was guided onto his cock, I exploded all over his cock as he forced me onto him, I guess it was like whacking off with a marrow instead of a carrot, half the atlantic coast must have heard my sex talk and orgasms as I banged my cunt on his steel hard shaft until I just sank on to it exhausted. My cum pumped and squirted in the raging water and as I came back to /reality/">reality I tried to slip off of Piers's rocket cock.

"NO NO, your not going anywhere Kelly". His arms wrapped around me as he tuned us both as I was still mounted on his super cock before I ended up with a knee in each of two of the seats grasping the tub sides and Piers fucked me nigh on senseless. I cried when I came for either the 13th or 14th time. My pussy ached my legs ached and my tits were tender after slapping the bubbling water for half the night.

Piers dried me and carried me to my bed, I was so relieved but sexually elated as the dawn was breaking. He fucked me again and I just passed out as he unloaded his seed in my tender cunt.
I knew it was going to be an amazing old waman xxxgx month and it was!