Four Year Foursome Part 1

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Four Year Foursome Part 1

I built two houses on a lonely dirt road about a mile from the beach in Thailand, thinking I could rent one and have a little extra spending money, plus there would be someone there when I traveled.

I had three girls who were just enrolling in the local college apply and I accepted. They were rather plain looking and similar in build, small, thin and no boobs. They moved in and for the first two weeks I saw them only occasionally. Their names were Lek, Min and May.

One evening May came over and asked if I could let her work for half of her rent, she said that she could do manicures, pedicures, facials and massages and would do all once a week. I agreed and she started on the following Sunday at 2 o?clock. She was shy at first but gradually opened up and spoke a little more about her background each time. She was and orphan as her mother died when she was 8 and her father had died 4 months ago in a motorbike accident. She had an older sister but she had run away from home when May was 10. There was a little insurance money from her father?s death and she was using that to go to school, she wanted to be a vet.

She had turned 18 the day she moved in.

On the fourth Sunday I had just rolled over, finished with the massage and ready for the facial when May pulled my towel up and lifted my limp cock with her tongue and sucked into her mouth. The feeling of my soft penis being tenderly worked over by her tongue, lips and sucking was /sensual/">sensual to say the least, surprising and unexpected as well.

She was really good, she used very little pressure with her lips, she slid up and down my shaft and used her tongue to control my cock. She cupped the head of my dick just at the top of her stroke and flatted it out as she slid it back down the underside. Some times she wagged her tongue from side to side other times spin it around the head, always lightly. Her pace was slow and steady as if time was not important. She kept me moist and often took in my entire cock. I could feel it when I reached her throat and as it entered, but the best was when she pulled away and I could feel the snugness as the ridge of my cock slid out. She never touched my cock with her hands; instead she used them to play with my balls. She took one ball in each hand and used her thumb and forefinger to gently squeeze them, squirting them around inside my scrotum. When I was approaching a /climax/">climax and my balls tried to ascend she clamped her thumb and forefinger between my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls and pulled them down and held them away from me. That tightened the skin on my cock and the eruption soon followed. I blasted and blasted and blasted, it had been 2 months since I last had sex and this was a welcome relief.

All during my orgasm her continued her slow steady pace. She continued sucking and licking even after I started to lose my /erection/">erection, when she finally got the last bit of cum I told her I had had enough.

She came again at 2 on the following Sunday and when she had finished the blow job I asked her why she was doing it? She had told me earlier that she was a lesbian and that she and Min were a couple and sleeping together. She explained that when she was 12 her father had shown her how to give blowjobs and that she had done that for him until he died. She said that the father had intercourse with the sister, which is why she ran away. During the 4 years from then until he taught how to give head he was drunk almost every day. It wasn?t until she gave me a blowjob that she realized why her father had taught her how to suck him off instead of fucking her, he could not get an erection. She had never thought of it as sex, just doing something that made him happy and when she was massaging me she thought she would pleasure me in the same way. I asked if Min knew and she said yes that she had told both Min and Lek. I asked if Lek was a lesbian and May said no that she was a virgin, like she and Min, but Lek liked boys.

May kept coming over every Sunday for the next 4 months. One Sunday she said that Min and Lek were turning 18 on Friday and could we all go to the beach on Sunday for a picnic and swim. Sounded good to me so we planned on it and during the week I got everything ready.

Sunday afternoon we headed to the beach and sat up our stuff Lek got the fire going, Min got the drinks out and May cooked our food. The girls were all drinking wine coolers and each had 3 before we got back home. Min was the drunkest and giggled and laughed at almost everything. They asked if they could use my shower since their budget didn?t allow for hot water, so we all hosed off the sand and salt outside. They made me turn my back while they stripped, hosed down and wrapped in towels. Min and May went in the house and showered first followed by Lek then me.

When I came out they were all on their 4th wine cooler. I sat on the edge of the bed with Min and May while Lek combed out her hair in front of the mirror, Lek rewrapped her towel and while her backside was fully covered May and I could see all of her front, she had tiny nipples that were almost the same color as her skin, and no pubic hair. May ran to her and grabbed her towel and they both ran back and jumped on me, Min joined in and in a few seconds no one had a towel and we were all rolling around squeezing a fondling each other. None of them had any boobs as I said, Min and May had nice nipples, and Lek?s nipples were smaller than mine. May grabbed my cock, which was erect and began describing how to give a blowjob, she explained some then demonstrated some, then have Min and Lek do it. She showed them how to deep throat. Min was amazing she could take it into her throat as fast as she could move her head and Lek gagged. May showed them how to suck my balls and had them feel how soft my scrotum my was, she had shaved it for me and now every other day I had to buzz my balls with the electric razor. She had them suck in one ball then the other until she was satisfied that each could give a proficient hummer.

Then she asked who wanted to sit on the cock first. Lek volunteered. She climbed up on the bed and straddled me. May had her slowly squat down until she felt me then May took my cock and slid it back and forth between Lek?s lips to get me wet enough for entry. When she saw that the head was wet and glistening, she told Lek to lower herself onto me, Lek got as far as having the head inside of her before the lips of her pussy were pulled inside of her. May had her raise up and back down repeatedly, each time Lek would take more cock. Lek?s /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy was slowly working its way to the bone and just as she touched she started to cum, she wiggled and squirmed, moaned and cried and her legs turned to rubber and she would have fallen had not May been behind her. I could feel the constrictions as she had spasm after spasm. She never moved very much, a little rocking and twisting, mostly she just sat on me with my cock buried in her. May held her until she stopped twitching and shivering and helped her off on me and on to the bed where she lay curled in the fetal position.

I didn?t move for a while and next to me Min had been laying so that she could see my cock enter Lek?s pussy. May crawled up on the bed and folded a pillow under Min?s head, she then straddled Min and buried her face in Min?s pussy. Min returned the favor. I climbed up behind May and was just over Min?s face, I pushed May?s butt away from Min and stuck my dick, which was still covered with Lek?s sticky wetness, in Min?s mouth, I pumped it in a couple of times to lubricate it when Min climaxed. She Mmmmmm?d enough to send vibrations all the way to my balls, as she orgasmed.
I pulled my cock out of Min?s sucking mouth and brought it up to May?s pussy and pulled May back to me. Her pussy was wet from excitement and from Min?s saliva so entry was smooth, hot and wet. With my cock firmly in May?s pussy it was again positioned over Min?s mouth and she went to work and so did I. I was using slow deep strokes and holding her ass so that Min could do her magic while I did mine. It only took a few minutes and May was moaning and shaking. Again I could feel pussy contractions as May went /crazy/">crazy, I just kept fucking until she pulled away and collapsed on the bed, half on top of Min.

Min was now drunk enough to want to get fucked and said so. She was so small that I was wondering how best to accomplish that. I thought that sitting her on the kitchen counter, which was just about cock high for me, would work. I carried her to the kitchen and lifted her onto the counter with her pussy right at the edge. I moved in between her legs and draped one leg over each arm and took a hip in each hand. She grabbed the edge of the counter and I moved my hard cock towards her tiny mound. May got under her and took my cock in her mouth to moisten it then guided me to Min?s awaiting pussy. I was able to get the head in and that was all. Min was making painful faces so I pulled back out, May had me try again but it was no good. I told May that there was some KY in the bathroom and she went to get it. I stooped down and stuck my tongue in Min?s pussy and went straight for her clit, which was still swollen for May?s tonguing. Her lips were so small, even though they were swollen from the excitement, that I was able to take her whole pussy into my mouth. I sucked and tongued her little slit and worked my tongue around inside of her as far as I could reach, until she came, not big, but a climax. She was plenty wet now, May lathered up my pole with the KY and again guided me to Min?s tight little box. Once more I got head deep before Min showed pain. So I picked her up and with the head of my cock still in her, let her weight carry her down my shaft. It didn?t work so May had me try to gradually work my way in to her. That didn?t work either, then, May grabbed Min?s hips and slammed her down on to my cock, going all the way to the hilt. Min screamed and started crying. So with May holding white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie her I eased out. I carried Min in to the bedroom, put her on the bed and covered her. May and Lek came in comforted her. She said she was fine and the pain was going away. Lek went and got a towel and cleaned her up, she had me sit on the edge of the bed and then did the same for me, getting the blood off of my still erect cock.

As I sat there Min came over and told me she knew it wasn?t my fault and that May had pushed her, she also said that she had wanted to feel my cock inside her and that we could try again when her pussy got well. She then took my cock in her mouth and started just as May had taught her. May came over and pushed me back. I was laying with my butt and back on the bed and my feet on the floor. May got between my legs and began sucking my balls, first one, then the other, then both. She rolled them around her mouth pushing them with her tongue. Some times she would just suck on them until the pain was intense then go back to rolling them around with her tongue.

Min was floating up and down, lips sliding on a layer of saliva from the tip to the base, her tongue was alive flicking and darting then smooth and soothing. I was just getting used to the conflicting pleasures of my balls and my dick when Lek sat on my face. Her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy was cold, it had probably been an hour since she had climaxed and she had been up and down several times after that just watching. She rubbed her snatch up and down across my chin to my nose and back until I finally stuck my tongue out and she slowed and concentrated on that until she was off again. Her climax caused her to start the chin to nose rub again and I almost smothered and drowned at the same time she was wet and getting wetter. I could feel her moistness covering my whole face. My mouth was full of her taste and she was still rocking and rolling. She had mashed her pussy onto my face so hard that her lips were spread and flattened enough to cover my mouth. I tried to flick her clitoris but she was moving to fast and her stroke was too large. Finally she slowed, then stopped, then fell away from me and let me get back to my stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv own climax.

The pain in my testicles was getting my full attention and putting a pillow under my head so I could watch Min suck my cock helped me focus. She was a wonder to watch as she made my cock appear and disappear. I must have been getting close because May was having trouble keeping my balls in her mouth. She moved closer to my shaft and was only able to massage them with her lips and tongue as she tried to suck them into her mouth. I could feel that I was starting down that road of no return. The first feelings were in my balls, then the base of my cock, then the head of my cock exploded and sent cum in streams into Min?s mouth, Min gagged at first, this was her first real taste and the force of my /ejaculation/">ejaculation combined with the foreign flavor overwhelmed her. She had the sense to push the head of my cock into her throat and let the rest of my cum shoot straight into it bypassing her taste buds. But, she remembered her training she continued until she had a completely soft cock in her mouth and I asked her to stop and she let my flaccid member slip from her cum covered lips. May stopped sucking my balls at the same time and reached up and gently sucked my spent cock in her mouth, catching the last little bit of cum, then we all crawled up and went to sleep.